Passport to Independence

Providing critical services to our community, Five Star Veterans Center is the only residential transitional center for veterans experiencing homelessness in Northeast Florida.

Veterans receive a warm welcome and enter into a 12-18-month program with on-site services that restores their mental and physical health, provides education, job and life readiness preparation, and post-residential support programs to ensure a successful transition to civilian life.


Five Star Room

A room of their own provides a renewed sense of security. Residents must keep their room in an orderly fashion, and are required to do their laundry.

Chow Line

Chow Line

Reconnecting and learning to trust others again starts by spending time with other
residents, staff, and volunteers.

VA Benefits Liaison

VA Benefits Liaison

Our on-site VA Benefits Liaison immediately sets to work helping new residents access the benefits they have earned and may not be receiving because they lacked a permanent address.

You can’t always see the wounds of war. Our mental health programs include individual counseling, peer-to-peer counseling, group therapy.

Together our partnerships with Yoga 4 Change and BOOST fitness program, residents get moving again physically which contributes to a renewed sense of well-being.


With direction from the Five Star Veterans Center Mental Health program, we begin the process of reconnecting residents with loved ones and family members, co-workers from previous jobs, or military buddies. Reintegration into employment, education, and independent living are just a few of the goals of our Passport to Independence Program.

• Business and social skills re-training.

• Opportunities for residents to gain confidence getting around the community, such as learning about the bus lines.

• Opportunities to start re-engaging with the community through volunteering, mentoring other veterans, joining organizations, and attending events.

• Personal finance classes that teach how to get out of debt. Understanding how to get out of debt, how to develop a long-term financial plan for future security helps relieve a lot of stress and put them on a path to independence.


As self-confidence builds, residents start focusing on how to make a smooth transition back to civilian life. Some residents return to school or start working while still living at Five Star Veterans Center. Developing strong skills is essential preparation for when they move out and find a new place to call home. 

Our support never ends. When residents move on, they do so with the understanding that Five Star Veterans Center is always at the ready to help them continue leading independent, dignified civilian lives.

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